Partnership for Community Care Network and Northwest Community Care Network Launch Joint Venture

Emtiro Health will provide total population health management solution to patients, providers, and payers.

Greensboro, NC— Today, Partnership for Community Care Network (P4CC) of Greensboro and Northwest Community Care Network (NCCN) of Winston Salem announced the formation of Emtiro Health, a joint venture of the two organizations. Emtiro Health will build on the vast experience of P4CC and NCCN to provide a total population health management solution to patients, providers, and payers.

“Emtiro Health will support providers and payers with unparalleled expertise to achieve improved outcomes and patient experience at a lower cost of care. We will work directly with patients to address systemic barriers to total wellbeing and brighter futures through care management solutions. We will facilitate partnerships with community-based organizations to enhance their effectiveness in meeting the needs of the individual to insure total wellbeing. In doing so, we ensure that each person gets the care and support they need, when they need it, and in the most appropriate setting,” said Jim Graham, President and CEO, Emtiro Health.

P4CC and NCCN were formed as part of Medicaid’s Community Care of North Carolina program almost 20 years ago. The two organizations are NCQA accredited for complex care management, employ 109 care management staff, 7 physician/clinical program consultants, 16 provider support specialists, and maintain extensive relationships with the provider community, including contractual relationships with local health systems, 257 independent and corporate primary care practices, 83 OBGYN practices, 34 community based pharmacies and a variety of community service organizations. As Medicaid transforms to managed care in the coming years, Emtiro Health will preserve these vital community resources and provider supports.

“NCCN is proud to partner with P4CC in the formation of Emtiro Health. Just as healthcare continuously transforms, we believe transforming our organizations to partner in new and innovative ways confirms our commitment to supporting patients and providers through these transitions,” said Kelly Garrison, Vice President for Operations, Emtiro Health, and Chief Executive Officer, NCCN. 

Emtiro Health’s vison is strong individuals, families, and communities emboldened to achieve better health, total wellbeing, and brighter futures. Emtiro Health will realize this vision through its commitment to partner with and empower individuals, providers, communities, with unparalleled expertise and bold, inspired solutions in population health management to address barriers to health and wellbeing.

“Emtiro Health is positioned to meet the challenges that the ever-changing healthcare system is experiencing. We are committed to meeting the challenges that patients and healthcare communities face to navigate these systems. Our end game is to develop environments that are conducive to building healthier families and healthier communities,” said Claudette Johnson, Vice President for Clinical Operations, Emtiro Health, and President, P4CC.

While Emtiro Health was born out of North Carolina Medicaid reform, it will provide bold solutions to a variety of payers, providers, and community based organizations. 


Sarah Dohl