Payer Focused Solutions

Emtiro Health knows providers. We partner with payers to develop and deliver provider education and training programs, comprehensive provider network recruitment, and a delegated service model to deliver high-quality, effective care management and provider services. 


Provider Education & Training

Medicaid managed care organizations, Medicare Advantage plans, commercial insurers, and other payers play a central role in educating and training providers in the roles and responsibilities of being a network provider, but also in evidence-based, best and promising practices, clinical practice guidelines, value-based payment, and other important topics that support providers in delivering high-quality patent care and in succeeding in the ever changing health care environment. Emtiro Health partners with payers to develop and deliver provider education and training programs. Because we are present in the same communities as providers, we are able to deliver education and training sessions in person, when preferred by providers. We also utilize technology to increase ease of access to education and training opportunities.

Provider Network Recruitment

Building and maintaining a comprehensive, high-quality provider network can be challenging for payers. We partner with payers to develop a comprehensive network recruitment strategy and implementation plan. We then work hand-in-hand with the payers provider relations staff to engage with providers and to recruit them into the provider network. With an extensive knowledge of the provider community, Emtiro Health carefully evaluates potential partners whose vision and daily work will support providers in a collaborative way.

Delegated Service Model

Emtiro Health delivers high-quality, effective care management services and provider services. We partner with payers to deliver these services under a delegated model to the payers' members and provider network. Learn more about our care management and provider services.