Health care is an ever changing environment. Emtiro is derived from two Greek words: Empneo and Syntiro – Inspire and Support. It is our mission to inspire and support our clients to succeed in this time of change. For, to quote the former CEO of IBM, Louis V. Gerstner, “longevity is dependent on the capacity to change.” 


We are committed to bold solutions.


Health care providers, community-based organizations, payers, and patients all want the same thing: stronger and healthier individuals, families, and communities. But the reality is, many barriers exist prohibiting the achievement of these outcomes. Emtiro Health supports providers, systems, and payers with unparalleled expertise and knowledge achieved  through data and analytics to achieve improved outcomes and patient experience at a lower cost of care. We work directly with patients to address systemic barriers to total wellbeing and brighter futures through care management solutions. We facilitate partnerships with community-based organizations to enhance their effectiveness in meeting the needs of the individual to insure total wellbeing. In doing so, we ensure that each person gets the care and support they need, when they need it, and in the most appropriate setting.